Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Natural Cleaning Class and Handouts

Thanks to everyone that listened to the Team Conference Call this morning and supported me (Pam) in sharing my Natural Cleaning Solutions class idea! The class has been a lot of fun and is truly an important topic!

Here is the Natural Cleaning Solutions Class Information!  It will give you a basic guideline of how I teach my classes.  Here is my basic structure:

  • I first start my classes with sharing why this topic is personally important to me and why I decided to make the transition to Natural Cleaning Products!
  • Then I go over the negative effects of Chemical Cleaners.
  • Then I go over Alternative Cleaning Products.  I really like the handout that is offered by Real Simple (Click HERE to go to it).
  • Then I go over the Handout (download below) of Natural Cleaning Recipes and Suggested Essential Oils!
  • Close with scheduling a day to get together and make some of the Natural Cleaning Products!  We had a blast when we did ours!  We ordered take out, came in our pajama pants and made a night of it!  

(The file will automatically download to your default downloads folder!)

Below is the Class Handout that I share in my classes, that has recipes and information on alternative cleaning products!  Feel free to use it in your classes and share it with others!

(The file will automatically download to your default downloads folder!)

I've been asked where I purchase many of the Alternative Cleaning Products by a few people.  Below is a list of where I get my products:

Baking Soda:  I purchase in Bulk at Costco or WalMart.
Washing Soda: I purchase at WalMart.
Borax: I purchase at WalMart, but have seen it at most basic grocery stores (i.e.: Albertsons, Smiths)
Liquid Castile Soap:  I have found it cheapest to order it from in Bulk.  You can get it a couple dollars cheaper per bottle.  If I need it quick, then I have only been able to find it at our local Target in the beauty products section.
Pure Bar Soap: I order mine from Gaiame.  But, you could also use the Dr. Bronners Castile Bar Soap, from, but it is more pricey.
Vinegar: ANYWHERE!  I like to get it in bulk from Costco or WalMart!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at!  Thanks so much again and keep up the healthy living!

Pam Dana, doTERRA IPC 4768


  1. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Is the floor cleaner safe for hardwood floors? Also, I would love to get those notes and negative effects. When will they be posted? What wonderful ideas, thank you again!

  2. Karin- I'll have to check into the hardwood floor cleaner. I have hardwood floors in my playroom only, so I generally just do a sporadic cleaning using the Castile Soap Floor recipe and then maintain using my steam mop. I REALLY love my steam mop on my wood floors. But, I understand in more of a main area, that something a little stronger might be needed. I'll let you know.

    Also, I just updated the post with the negative effects class information! Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Pam, it's Brooke, Courtney's friend :)! Thank you for all the amazing info & hard work! I am excited to use all of this in a class! One thing, I can't seem to find the post with the negative it possible to email to me?
      Thanks so much & congrats on the new gorgeous baby!!